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So This Is Christmas

It truly is a wonderful time of year, the festive fun, time spent with friends, family and loved ones, the joy in finding that perfect gift that you can’t wait to give. Christmas even smells amazing with all the spicy ginger scents and the unbeatable smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

It’s the smiles on the faces of our small ones that bring the real magic though, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, seeing their little faces light up is what Christmas is all about. But when you throw cancer into the mix those precious moments can become tainted with the fear and anxiety that this Christmas may be the last.

There is suddenly immense internal pressure to have the perfect Christmas, to make unforgettable memories and give the most amazing gifts, just incase we don’t see another. We never quite know when our emotions will sneak up on us, there are unexpected triggers everywhere, that Christmas song we have heard a million times but for some reason this time it’s enough to bring us to tears, the Christmas movie that carries an emotional undercurrent, and floors us without warning or just simply the elderly couple sat on a bench watching the world go by making us wish old age wasn’t an experience that feels just too far out of reach.

It’s not always easy but over time we have learnt to live more in the moment, and not get overwhelmed with what the future holds. It’s ok if things don’t feel quite perfect, if you couldn’t go on that special adventure or you weren’t able to find the perfect gift, if your house is a mess and your decorations aren’t as big and bright as the next person, the best memories live in the laughter, the love and the time spent together.

‘Often our favourite memories are the ones that catch us by surprise.’

Sending our love and very best wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year!

Nic and Jen

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