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Welcome to The Little C Club. created by two mums Jen & Nic, at a time when each were navigating parenthood while facing a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.


After finding each other at a breast cancer event in 2020, their friendship grew and their similar stories and positive outlooks allowed them to collaborate on a project to improve the way parents communicate with children about a diagnosis of cancer. 


Utilising Jen's skills as a design teacher and Nic's knowledge as a nurse they designed and created a set of flash cards to help open up difficult conversations, to promote open and honest communication and hopefully take a little bit of the scary away from that big C, allowing children to grow up sound in the knowledge that they have been included.

Sadly in April 2022 Jen died, followed by Nic in June 2023, leaving an immeasurable void in the hearts of all that love them, they are sorely missed but their vibrance and positive out look will forever be entwined with all that we do here at Little c. 

Our trademark flashcards are not only popular with families who find themselves in the unenviable position of having to explain a loved ones cancer diagnosis to a child, but also with healthcare professionals, having received the endorsement of NHS organisations and the support of numerous charities.

Let us help you navigate those difficult conversations while making some amazing memories with your little humans.

The Little C Club

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